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Highlights Guess Again Riddles

Highlights Guess Again Riddles both Schylling Associates
Highlights Guess Again Riddles both Schylling Associates
Brand: Schylling Associates
Ages: 6 to 12 years
Product Code: 9781590789193
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Highlights Guess Again Riddles

This collection of time-tested riddles and knock-knock jokes from Highlights will trigger a laugh attack every time kids open them, and hilarious illustrations by Kevin Rechin add to the fun. Kids love jokes, and this is a great joke book for kids ages six and up! This book will give kids a great way to entertain themselves and others while helping them develop an understanding of humor, which is an important social developmental skill. The first book in the Laugh Attack series, this book is sure to be a delight. With a wealth of jokes and riddles, these joke books are perfect for sharing laughs with family and friends. From animal jokes to number jokes, more than 1,000 rib-tickling riddles will keep kids laughing for hours. All jokes are age-appropriate, wholesome, and great for kids to share with family, friends and anyone who needs a laugh!

What is the capital of Alaska? Come on- Juneau know this one!

What grew from the plant in the math room? Square roots.

Who is the best dancer at a Halloween party? The boogieman.

Why did Dracula go to the doctor? He was coffin.

How does the man on the moon get a haircut? Eclipse it.

If you think these jokes are funny, you’ll love the Laugh Attack! series!6yrs to 12yrs