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Afternoon Away 35pcs

Brand: Ravensburger USA Inc
Ages: 4yrs-6yrs
Product Code: 4005556086245
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Afternoon Away 35pcs

A princess and a unicorn play with woodland creatures near a stream in this fairytale illustration of magic and wonder. 

This brightly colored cartoon shows a a friendship made to last as the princess and unicorn play in a forest beside a rolling stream. 

Each character is presented in bright bold colors of pink, orange, green, gold and vibrant blues. 

The castle sits in the background as a knight passes on the bridge and looks on a laughs at the princess and her friends. 

With a wide range of characters, images, and designs to choose from, we have something for every young puzzler ages four and up. 

These puzzles have sturdy pieces that are easy to hold and manipulate so your little ones will be puzzling on their own in no time! 

This 11.5" x 8.25" (29 x 21 cm) children's puzzle for ages 3 and up is fun for the whole family. 

4yrs to 6yrs