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Berg Extra AF

Berg Extra AFBothBerg USA LLC
Berg Extra AFBothBerg USA LLC Berg Extra AFBothBerg USA LLC
Brand: Berg USA LLC
Ages: 3 to 10
Product Code: 8715839022568
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Price: $649.99
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Berg Extra AF

Available with blue frame and red seat and accents or with silver frame and black and white accents.  Adjustable seat provides comfort for kids 5 years and older.  Manufactured in the Netherlands but priced right to provide generations of fun!  Pedal forward, coast or pedal reverse; with no levers to slow you down there is nothing to stop you now!  Safely and easily stop with a dual wheel rear hand brake.  Choose from the original blue frame with red accents or change it up with a silver frame and black accents.


ยท      Double ball bearing steering for durable tight sport steering

ยท      Swing Axle allows the front of the frame to pivot for control on uneven surfaces and less stress on the beautiful robotic welds

ยท      Pneumatic Tires provide a controlled ride with superior traction and durability

ยท      Powder coating offers durable protection to the tubular steel frame which offers strength without undue weight

ยท      Handbrake applies stopping power to both rear wheels at the same time and can be locked in place for use as a parking brake.

ยท      Sealed bearings in each wheel keep the kart rolling effortlessly for years and years, no need to lube the wheels

ยท      Spring-loaded hitch pin makes this kart "Trailer-Ready"!

ยท      Rear fenders include reflectors

ยท      Automatic Freewheel allows driver to pedal forward, coast with pedals static, and pedal in reverse to drive backwards


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